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Application Modernisation

Stay ahead of your competition by replacing legacy systems.

Grow your software to meet business demands - introduce new features faster, with fewer bugs and at lower cost

Outdated software running on ageing server hardware can be a constant drag on a business and present a wide variety of problems. We can provide solutions both for urgent systems rescue and repair, or as part of a more strategic redevelopment plan. Modernising and re-platforming software can have a range of benefits, including:

  • Reducing poor performance, errors and outages
  • Eliminating repetitive and error prone manual tasks
  • Improving security and compliance
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Lowering capital expenditure

We have a proven process for modernising Microsoft applications

We work closely with our customers to help them understand and build the business case for software modernisation. This includes benchmarking existing systems, auditing compliance and identifying priority problem areas. We specialise in updating and re-architecting older Microsoft web-based applications, including systems written in Classic ASP and ASP.NET WebForms. We have developed proven patterns and processes for cost effective redevelopment of these systems using the latest ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI and Artificial Intelligence automation technologies. 

Improving software quality

Many of our customers come to us because they are experiencing quality control issues and bugs repeatedly being deployed into live production systems. An essential aspect of our modernisation approach is introducing automated tests and a gated release process. Unit tests and integration tests are part of our standard development methodology, along with automated builds and deployments with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) frameworks. 

Lowering total cost of ownership

Clean code, proven patterns and automated testing mean that new features can be developed faster and at lower cost. Maintenance costs are reduced and, in many cases, efficiency improvements mean that money can be saved on server and hosting infrastructure expenses as well.

Avoiding risks and "big bang" changes

Our solution focuses on incremental modernisation and gradual replacement of legacy systems. This approach dramatically reduces the well known risks associated with "big bang" systems change and allows for tangible improvements to be delivered faster.

How we can help with modernisation

  • Application health checks - we can carry out rapid software reviews and assessments at fixed cost. The process can typically be completed in 2 weeks and will result in a report that can be used to guide key business decisions.
  • Roadmaps - we can produce step by step plans for modernising software systems, while minimising associated risks
  • Proof of concept sprints - a team of our developers can demonstrate how a particular technology could improve your application
  • Team augmentation - our developers can work alongside your own team, or other suppliers, to provide specific expertise and capacity
  • Outsource - Agidea can take responsibility for delivering your modernisation project from start to finish

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