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AWS Cloud Migration & Managed Services

Optimise costs, improve performance, and outpace competitors by moving to the cloud

CloudNavigator is our proven, step-by-step, solution for helping businesses move systems to the cloud

Moving in-house, or data centre hosted, applications to the cloud can sometimes seem like a daunting task. That's why we've broken down the process down into 4 easily understood phases:

  • Taxi - prepare the runway, chart the flight path, benchmark systems, assess readiness, plan costs
  • Take off - migrate systems to cloud, configure and monitor
  • Navigate - overcome turbulence and set course to seize opportunities
  • Fly - operate, manage, maintain


As with any programme of major change, migrating systems to the cloud takes some careful planning and preparation. Our Taxi phase guides customers through the process of evaluating and benchmarking existing system, identifying business priorities, and detailed costs planning. As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we are also able to quickly configure and share proof of concept technology demonstrations.

Take off

Careful preparations on the Taxi phase ensure a smooth Take Off. During this phase, new cloud systems are brought online and old systems are carefully transferred and decommissioned. Instrumentation is constantly monitor to make sure there is a smooth transition and continuity of service. We have developed a set of comprehensive and tested process templates, including templates for service catalogs, applications portfolios, run books and incident reporting. 


Once airborne, we are free to start exploring opportunities to innovate with the newly available technology resources. The cloud allows room for manoeuvre that is not possible on-premises, or in traditional data centres. Resources can be instantly switched on and off, which eliminates the need for lengthy procurement cycles and painstaking capacity planning. Cloud technologies also allow businesses to deliver services in new, more efficient, means and to create entirely new innovative products.


Smooth flight operations are achieved by continually monitoring and, where necessary, making small adjustments to course. Wherever possible, we make use of autopilot technologies to not only monitor systems, but to also automatically respond to incidents and take immediate corrective action.

>> Learn how global retail intelligence leader, Springboard Research Ltd, got their systems flying with our CloudNavigator solution

We are an innovative AWS Partner in Manchester, specialising in migrating mission critical Microsoft .NET applications to the cloud

We help customers to move on-premises Microsoft .NET applications to the AWS cloud. As an experienced AWS Select Consulting Partner, our customers trust us to run high availability, mission critical, software applications and websites.

We can provide:

  • Readiness assessment and costs planning
  • Technology proof of concept demonstrations
  • Fully managed migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud
  • Native cloud application development, including serverless programming / AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM), Lambda and DynamoDB

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