Case Study: Bluewater


We built Bluewater Shopping Center an integrated retailer communications platform

By taking a user-centric, Agile and structured approach to design, content and functionality, Agidea delivered Bluewater an extranet that made an immediate transformational impact and increased usage by over 400% in the first 30 days.

  • User friendly Umbraco CMS integration

    We integrated Umbraco CMS to make it easy for multiple users to edit the Extranet content. Previously there was no CMS for the extranet.

  • Mobile friendly

    Many users access the Bluewater Extranet using mobile devices so responsive design was business critical.

Agile project delivery

All our Projects follow a strict Scrum compliant Agile working methodology. This means that our projects are carefully planned and broken into chunks of work called 'Sprints', which allows the project Scrum master to continually monitor that the project is on track for its estimated delivery. Our Digital director, Chris Ashton is a certified Scrum master and has trained the entire Agidea team in this way of delivering projects.

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