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Agidea agile software modernisation

Software Modernisation

Bringing ageing and troublesome applications up to date with the most current technology.

Agidea agile Software Integrations

Software Integrations

Seemlessly link your business  

Software cloud migration

Cloud migration

Re-engineering systems for scalability, security and high performance in the cloud.

Software DevOps

Software DevOps

Integrating development and delivery for predictable releases and continuous improvement.

Agile, secure, modern standards, IoT, automation AI and machine learning...

Client success story:

Springboard Research

We're helping Springboard to develop global Big Data and IoT systems in the cloud.

Springboard Research is the UK's leading provider of retail performance insights, analysing customer counting and sales across the entire retail portfolio. We are helping Springboard to grow and evolve its global Big Data and IoT cloud systems.

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Agile project delivery

All our Projects follow a strict Scrum compliant Agile working methodology. This means that our projects are carefully planned and broken into chunks of work called 'Sprints', which allows the project Scrum master to continually monitor that the project is on track for its estimated delivery. Our Digital director, Chris Ashton is a certified Scrum master and has trained the entire Agidea team in this way of delivering projects.

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