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Springboard Migration - Case Study

Executive Summary

Springboard is a leading provider of data and intelligence on customer activity in stores and destinations with customer counting and demographic profiling.

When Agidea started working with Springboard there were a series of serious server problems that caused downtime & stress. Servers would routinely hang one or two evenings a week causing a problem for customers and forcing staff to have to bed down on-site in expectation of server problems.

Three years later all core compute resources have been migrated to the AWS Cloud in a hybrid environment, system stability is now many times better & Springboard are able to better focus on their business challenges without investing in extra servers or staff.

About Springboard

Springboard is a data solutions business that measures customer activity, demographics and sentiment with unmatched accuracy. Springboard enable retail businesses to benchmark performance whether nationally, regionally and locally. Springboard deliver accurate, consistent data so that their clients can make informed decisions. From the volume of customers and vehicles, to demographic profile and audience sentiment, Springboard deliver data with unrivalled precision.

Customer Challenge

Persistent server downtime at peak times was causing a lot of stress for the Springboard team & a regularly poor experience for their customers. Scaling up compute resource was not solving problems but the IT bills were accelerating without any sign that the system performance was going to be acceptable.


As a strong user of Microsoft products – SharePoint, Office, Exchange etc – it would have been natural for Springboard to choose Azure. But the business decision makers were persuaded that the greater maturity of the AWS Cloud offering made the Amazon platform a good choice.