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Rapid Agile Software Development & Automation

Making your system better one sprint at a time

Laying the foundations for systems that will lower costs, grow profits and delight users

Technology provides abundant opportunities to operate more efficiently and deliver innovative new services. However, the rapid pace of change in growing businesses often results in systems being developed in disconnected silos and with incompatible standards. Sometimes, it's necessary to compromise system design to achieve an urgent short term business goal, but in the long run this will usually result in reduced productivity and deteriorating system performance. 

Successful businesses strike the right balance between having the agility to meet immediate needs and the discipline to evolve well architected and truly flexible systems. Our customers place particular value on having accredited agile practitioners providing an independent view point.

Our proven 4 step process

Through over 10 years' working with business leaders, we have refined a 4 step process for delivering better systems. Our approach puts particular emphasis on good communication and use of delivery automation technologies to improve software quality.

  • Communicate
    • Product focus, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for team members
    • Clear definition and prioritisation of product backlog
    • Agile habits and routines, including daily standup meetings
    • Short cycles with clear, achievable, goals
  • Build
    • Adhere to recognised architecture patterns and coding guidelines
    • Modular, flexible, and cleanly separated components
    • Tests built in to code
    • Code reviewed for best practice and cyber security
  • Automate Delivery
    • Automate delivery to reduce manual effort and mistakes
    • Automate scans for code quality and cyber security vulnerabilities
    • Automate compliance
    • Automate hosting infrastructure (infrastructure as code)
  • Grow
    • Continually monitor application and identify areas for improvement
    • Horizon scan for new technologies
    • Gather quantitative and qualitative feedback from real users
    • Continually optimise¬†

A modular, flexible, and scalable approach that puts you back in control of your systems

We deliberately avoid "big bang" or "all or nothing" systems change. Instead, we improve incrementally with frequent small enhancements. This approach reduces the risks associated with monolithic "house of cards" applications and results in better control and predictability of costs and more visible return on investment. We believe in making systems better one sprint at a time and delivering value at each stage.

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