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Springboard is a leading provider of data and intelligence on customer activity in stores and destinations with customer counting and demographic profiling.

Agile .NET Consultancy and Development

Agidea provides .NET software development and consultancy to Springboard.  We run daily agile stand-ups and weekly all-hands workshops to enable collaborative development of their flagship Springboard Analyser software.  

AWS Architecture and Management

When Agidea began working with Springboard they were facing several challenges with their incumbent hosting provider that were causing pain for the business.  Having colocation servers meant that adding extra capacity was a slow and costly process. Servers had to be paid for in advance and over-provisioned to accommodate demand.  System stability was also an issue during periods of high demand.

Three years later all core compute resources have been migrated to the AWS Cloud.  Headroom issues are trivial to solve, and costs have been reduced by implementing an on-demand model for resource provisioning.  The systems are now more stable and Springboard are able to focus on their business challenges without investing in extra servers or staff.