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Phil Gilligan

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Co-Founder and Technical Director

I co-founded Agidea with Sam Flanagan in 2010, building on my years of experience in data, reporting and business intelligence solutions, including being part of IBM’s Global Business Services division, where I worked on major projects for large, blue-chip clients.

My background in large corporates helps me to appreciate the challenges faced by growing businesses and add value to organisations of any shape or size.

My role within Agidea has given me the opportunity to lead teams of highly experienced developers to deliver complex software projects, blending aspects of web application development and cloud-based micro-services.

I am driven by the opportunity of achieving transformational impact for our clients on our valued projects. I enjoy discovering business critical insights and developing applications and reporting solutions that save our clients time and money, whilst also being a pleasure to use.

I am an advocate of test-driven software development practices, clean code and agile project management.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to discuss AWS, Umbraco, .NET or just want to talk tech.