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AWS technologies and services

As an AWS Partner in Manchester, we help business to implement a range of AWS technologies and service.

AWS is the world's leading cloud provider, powering systems for everybody from small businesses to government departments. As an AWS Partner, Agidea can assists with building and improving systems using AWS cloud technologies and services. 

Key AWS technologies

  • AWS virtual servers (EC2)
  • AWS Lambda (serverless functions)
  • AWS Fargate (serverless hosting for Docker containers)
  • AWS DynamoDB (serverless database)
  • AWS AppSync (GraphQL backend for mobile applications)
  • AWS S3 (cloud storgage)
  • AWS OpenSearch
  • AWS Connect (cloud call centre)
  • AWS CodePipeline (DevOps tools and Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD))


Focused on delivering impact and business outcomes. Quantifiable improvement.


  • Application health-checks, recovery and transformation plans
  • Roadmaps and horizon scanning
  • Product Design Sprints
  • Proof of Concept / Early MVP
  • Product Design Sprints
  • Stakeholder Workshops
  • Solution Architecture
  • Security and Compliance (including ISO 27001)