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Health and Safety Policy

Agidea ensures that all work activities are conducted in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other applicable regulations.

The Agidea Managing Director is ultimately responsible for health and safety. The board of directors take a collective role providing health and safety leadership, reviewing risks and determining and implementing policy. The board of directors regularly review health and safety provisions to ensure they are adequate.

Wherever reasonably practicable, Agidea will:

  • Ensure a safe working environment is provided for all
  • Provide safe access to all systems and equipment
  • Provide sufficient first aid facilities for all
  • Fully investigate and record any accident and, if required, report to the relevant authority
  • Provide effective fire prevention and fire control procedures
  • Ensure all employees are made aware of this policy

Agidea is committed to continually improving in health and safety management.

A copy of this policy is made available on the company notice board.