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5 reasons why you need an Umbraco certified Master

Agidea’s Chris Ashton attains the “ultimate Umbraco achievement”

Chris was first introduced to Umbraco in early 2012 and was initially skeptical. Was Umbraco really any different from other web content management systems? Would it really change the way business stakeholders and developers collaborate to create websites? Six years on and Chris has helped Agidea to deliver dozens of Umbraco websites, including major projects for global corporations. This week his journey reached a new high point as he achieved official accreditation as an Umbraco Certified Master.

In addition to keeping his own training up to date, Chris is also responsible for ensuring that all the members of his team meet the rigorous standards required of Umbraco Certified Developers and that Agidea maintains its prestigious position as an Umbraco Certified Partner.

Chris has identified 5 key benefits of having an Umbraco Certified Master on your web CMS project:

  1. You will save time - Umbraco Certified Masters have in-depth knowledge of Umbraco best practices and tried and tested implementation blueprints. They can spot potential issues and have the technical skills to quickly overcome challenges.
  2. You will save money - Umbraco Certified Masters will be able to help organise project work in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.
  3. You won’t need to worry about the future - Umbraco Certified Masters will develop “future proof” solutions that will deliver maximum return of investment over their lifecycle.
  4. You will get new perspectives and new ideas - An Umbraco Certified Master will have years of experience over a large number of projects. Their experience will enable them to make suggestions that others wouldn’t think of and their technical skills allow them to turn ideas into reality.
  5. You will get complete commitment - It takes persistence and determination to become an Umbraco Certified Master. Professionals who have attained this achievement will be totally committed to the success of your project.

When he’s not delivering Umbraco projects with the team in Manchester Media City, Chris is a keen mountaineer. However, even being halfway up a mountain can’t hold back his commitment to providing the best possible service at all times. He once responded to a high priority support request while ascending the Vajolet Towers in the Italian Dolomites!

At Agidea, we have a strong belief in the value of training continuous professional development. The official Umbraco training and certification programmes, run by Umbraco HQ in Denmark, are a high quality framework designed to bring out the best in developers and to promote better quality and consistency throughout the industry. Our commitment to these programmes means that our customers can always be confident in the quality of our advice and the code we write. While training is important in all sectors, it’s absolutely critical in digital technology, where rapid changes can lead to knowledge gaps and costly mistakes.

If you would like an Umbraco Certified Master on your next project, please feel free to get in touch for a chat.